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DSC04421As my regular readers would know i’ve been M.I.A of late. Having moved back to Sydney Australia from New York it’s taken me five weeks to get back into the swing of things. Just to give you a quick update i’m working on samples for my accessories and clothing range as well as managing a restaurant and most recently appointed the N.S.W rep for Audio Threads. As you can see i have my hands full but the time is now and i’ll sleep when i’m dead!!

Since i’ve been back in Sydney it’s hard for me not to make comparisons with New York fashion and i have to say we are definately on top of the game. Sydney has come along way over the past ten years in fashion related fields and you only have to look on the streets to see that we definately hold our own. In the next few weeks i’ll be hitting the streets with my camera capturing the style and essence of Sydney fashion….so keep an eye out!!

Soul Chameleon XXX


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Last night Q-Tip celebrated his birthday with friends at Santos NYC. An array of Dj’s hit the decks and kept the party sexy…. VIP section was crazy with Jay-Z, Beyonce, Diddy and Busta also coming through to show love….just to name a few people. Theophilus London also performed on the night for Q-tip and of course i was there in full effect dodging the paparazzi as per usual 😉

All pictures courtesy of  WWW.VILLAGESLUM.COM go there to peep more pics

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Introducing a rising star…..Ally is originally from Australia and currently she is living in New York and turning heads everywhere she goes. Ally has done a few catwalk shows and editorials but has only recently decided to return to modeling. Remember her name, her face because this woman is certainly going to leave her mark  in the fashion and entertainment industries. You heard  it here first…..  😉

r3r2r1dsc040741dsc040871MODEL: ALLY




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Ol Skool fashion back in full effect?

February 20, 2009 at 6:12 am (Fashion, Style and Substance) (, , , , , )

Booby brown, Kid n Play and random two tone guy repping on 3rd st nyc

Booby brown, Kid n Play and random two tone guy repping on 3rd st nyc

My friend snapped these four men a few days ago in downtown nyc… first thought Kid ‘n’ Play are back!!! Then reality set in and i was thinking oh my goodness what were they thinking….only in New York. Regardless whether i think these men are stuck in a time warp or redefining fashion on their own terms, i love their attitude and i embrace their unique style.

Chameleon ❤

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Every man and his dog is doing it tough

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Every man and his dog is doing it tough

Every man and his dog is doing it tough

All around the world people are feeling the effects of the downturn in the economy and jobs are lost every hour. To be brutally honest i have never before taken notice of the state of the economy in my country Australia, let alone the rest of the world. But this time I can’t help but see the effects and hear it on the news as well as on the streets. People are concerned and struggling to survive day to day with just lint in their pockets and can only hope for a brighter future.

In New York city you can feel and see the concern people have for their future and it seems like a cloud is hanging over everyone’s heads. I’m especially worried for the homeless people this winter as it’s one of the coldest in a long time, with no money, food and shelter how will they survive if at all? Although i have little myself i try to give one person some change everyday or do a good deed, nothing is ever too little or too much if you give with an open heart.

You may not be able to change the world but you can make a difference with small steps. So i ask you to pass on some kindness next time you see a person in need, it could even be giving up your seat on the bus. Do something everyday and i guarantee not only will you warm someones heart but you will serve your soul. Pay it forward everyone let’s try to help one another through these tough times and when we get through it the sun will shine again for ALL.

Soul Chameleon X

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